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Fast food and low wage work is becoming increasingly overrepresented by women and people of color. Meanwhile, our employers are all too happy to exploit this, and many well-established unions consider us largely “unorganizable”. Nevertheless, we’ve shown that we’re here and we’re organized! Two years after going public, the Burgerville Workers Union has undergone incredible growth and transformation.  We went on the biggest coordinated fast food strike in U.S. history this February, just won two elections to make the stores on 92nd and Powell and in Gladstone the only legally recognized fast food unions in the nation, and are now in the process of bargaining a contract!

This is all thanks to the hard work, skill, and ingenuity of Burgerville workers, but we also know that we could not have come this far without community supporters. Because the BVWU is almost entirely run by volunteers, we are fundraising to create stipends to support dedicated organizers of color at the frontlines of our movement. We are looking to community supporters to help make this incredible organizing work sustainable and accessible for people of color, especially women and gender non-conforming folks, who face barriers related to discrimination and structural inequality on top of living paycheck to paycheck and being rad organizers! People of color are subject to oppressive application of policy, harassment, and less opportunity for advancement in the workplace, and this is no less true at companies like Burgerville that boast progressive practices. There’s nothing “local, sustainable and fresh’’ about poverty wages and racism.

We, the workers of Burgerville, believe all workers deserve wages and benefits that don’t make covering rent and groceries mutually exclusive. From planning a delegation or a picket, to going on strike or entering contract bargaining, one thing is clear: workplace organizing takes energy, resources and skill. The money we are fundraising will go directly towards leadership and skill development for workers of color organizing in the BVWU, in order to center our voices and offset the additional and particular barriers we face to organizing at Burgerville.

We at the BVWU believe the labor movement is and has to be a racial justice movement. Support Burgerville workers fighting for better jobs and fair communities by donating today!

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